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How knowing what motivates you can help you stand out from the crowd
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My motivational mantra? Just be the best you can be!
Ariarne Titmus
400m freestyle / World Champion
Motivation is your brain's way of keeping you going when times get tough.
We all know the feeling. You really need to keep working on that essay, but the games console is calling to you. You know you should push on and run that extra mile, but it’s cold outside and so warm and comfy at home!
Sometimes there’s no greater struggle than finding the motivation to push yourself that little bit further.

Like you and your homework, pretty much every great athlete will report hitting ‘the wall’ – reaching what appears to be the physical limit of their endurance. However, with the right mindset this can be overcome.

Why do some people seem to be able to push through the wall when for others it is too difficult? It's all about supercharging your mind.
Olympians who reach the top and stay there often use motivations like friends, family or representing their country. But even something simple like picking the right music can do the job, too.
Every athlete has their own personal preference, but we know that certain types of music with energetic beats will get you pumped up. And that doesn’t just apply to physical competition – pulling together a killer playlist before you take on any big life challenge can be just the thing you need to get motivated!

Your personality will influence the music that has the biggest effect on you. This simple test will match you with a playlist that will get you moving…
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Whichever playlist you chose, they all have one key element in common: their beats per minute or ‘BPM’. Studies have shown that a motivating track should have around 120-140 beats per minute – which is roughly the same as your heartrate while exercising.
Most athletes also choose feelgood music with positive lyrics, and the same applies to you. Songs that make you feel happy or that get you ready for a night out will probably also work for getting you motivated to go for a run. And once you find that track that really speaks to you, make sure you have it ready to go whenever you need to proactively combat lethargy and fortify your mental resilience.
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There is no limit to ambition
Ai Ueda
Triathlon (JPN)
Three-Time Olympic Champion
“There is a lot of talk in sport now around mental toughness and what it means to have mental toughness,” says sports psychologist Amber Mosewich.

“Often we are quite reactive and when something becomes an issue we look to develop skills. But athletes are looking to be much more proactive now which I think is great because we build this capacity for resilience and being adaptive – that really does position an athlete for success.”

Three things to keep on you at all times to keep motivated

Three things to keep on you at all times to keep motivated

Your playlist - having those killer songs on hand can help you fight a sudden drop in motivation.
A powerful quote - communication is human nature, so having the perfect motivational quote could be just the thing you need.
A photo of success - got a great pic from your graduation or with your winning baseball team? Keep it saved on your phone whenever you need a boost!
Motivation is the key to success in so many walks of life. But having an Olympian attitude can help to kick start your efforts at home and at school.

Take the first step by finding out what motivates you – whether it's your favourite track, an inspirational quote, thinking of your loved ones. Then the best thing you can do is keep it close to hand.
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